Travelling to us

Just to inform you that all roads are now open for you to get to us.

Many thanks for your continued support we appreciate e ery single on of you.

Please call if you have any queries on 01932 564930

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2 Comments on “Travelling to us”

  1. Clare Loveday
    August 10, 2020 at 1:49 PM #

    We have visited your farm shop on two recent occasions, unfortunately both rather stressful mainly due to poor indoor distancing measures; people not willing to wait and passing with a foot of us. Even with face masks, distancing should still be in place. The trolleys outside are messy with no evidence of being cleaned. Other farm shops we have been to implement a one way system with sanitising stations and signage that reassures they are COVID-aware. This is a real shame as your produce is excellent quality but until you can address these issues I am afraid we will not be back.

    • August 22, 2020 at 10:43 AM #

      We are sorry you have found your two recent visits to The Farm Shop rather stressful.
      We are cleaning the trollies outside along with all the baskets and counters. We have rota system to ensure we are keeping everything as clean as possible.
      With regards to social distancing, we are advising the 2 metre rule and doing our best to keep this in place but as there is currently no law regarding this, we can not force it upon people and can not control the general public. We are only able to advise as these measure are in place as a government guideline.
      When referring to social distancing and face coverings, It does state on the government website that it “is your responsibility to adopt these principles wherever possible. The government recommends that you keep two metres away from people as a precaution or one metre when you can mitigate the risk by taking other precautions.” Therefore we are not able to stop members of the public from not following the guidelines.
      Please be assured we are doing everything we possibly can in these difficult times.
      We do offer a service where you are able to order then collect or we do deliver.

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