Supporting Eagle Radio’s Appeal

We’re thrilled to be one of Eagle Radio’s Easter Egg Appeal official collection point and help bring a smile to less fortunate children this Easter!

Please bring your egg(s) to the collection box located at the counter. We will carefully look after your eggs until the amazing Eagle Radio team collects them and bring chocolate joy to the children.

Thank you for participating in this appeal!


Outstanding generosity

the-farm-shop-lyne-eagle-easter-egg-appeal-collection-optThank you to our customers, staff (and those who decided to stay anonymous) for your generous contributions towards the Eagle Easter Egg Appeal. The collection box was inundated with chocolate eggs in all sizes and colours. Imagine how excited the kids will be when the amazing Eagle Radio team brings them to them! Here’s a sneaky picture of the happy collectors.




Eagle-Logo-2015-FM-DAB-ONLINEEagle Radio’s Easter Egg Appeal helps give local, less fortunate children a happier Easter and benefits over fifty charities and organisations, and thousands of children across Surrey and Hampshire.

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